Jeanie Pitchford
Voice Teacher
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This technique will build your voice
by using only the muscles needed and releasing the muscles that interfere which creates powerful singing that feels effortless!

About the Technique

All tension in the jaw, neck, shoulders and upper chest is released thereby enabling your free-est and richest sound. Whatever your ability or experience, this technique will improve your vocal tone and flexibility, breath support and vocal range.
Musicals and operettas in professional dinner theatres, summer stock and regional theatres across the Midwest

Cruise ships, industrials and musical theatre tours nationwide

Member of Actor's Equity Association - 29 years

Vocal Judge for Musichorale Scholarship Contest - 10 years

Professional soloist in North Shore churches and synagogues - 10 years

Director and Founder of Season's Greetings Singers, a professional Christmas caroling company - 14 years
Musical theatre coaching is also available, which will build repertoire for your vocal range and character type, prepare you for auditions and help you gain confidence in your voice and presence.